Sheds Unlimited is a storage sheds and car garage builder which specializes in customizing AMISH STORAGE SHEDS and PREFAB CAR GARAGES to meet your specific storage needs. In our storage shed line we offer Backyard Wooden Sheds, Vinyl Storage Sheds, Classic Amish Storage Sheds, Premier Garden Sheds, Two Story Sheds and Modern Sheds that can all be custom built with your needs in mind. If none of these fits your style or needs, we can take your ideas and create a custom storage shed just for you.
This Edgemont 7 ft. W x 7 ft. D Solid/Manufactured Wood Storage Shed is a quality Amish-handcrafted product made in the USA. Designed with maximum storage potential without taking up a lot of yard space, this classic heavy-duty design is capable of storing your tools, lawn mower, and other yard equipment. Once you paint your shed and add shingles to fit your style and personality, you will have a beautiful addition to your backyard!
Our Amish-built T1-11 painted portable wood shed buildings are delivered fully assembled in Virginia and West Virginia. The outdoor wood storage sheds for sale here are an excellent option if you need a place for large items, small items, and everything in between. Our Amish-built wooden buildings can be used for a variety of purposes, including as a storage shed, garden building, kids’ playhouse, dog barn, tool shed, portable building, woodworking shop, hobby room, or home office. A prefab wood shed can serve many purposes for your family while protecting your valuable property from the elements. You’ll be surprised just how handy it is to have one of our wooden storage buildings on your property.
the biggest problem I had was that the instructions I downloaded from the manufactures web site had a different cut list than the documents that came with the kits. I had already cut the lumber based on the downloaded list so I was dismayed to find that two of the lengths specified in the packaging were longer than the ones I cut from the downloaded plans. I did try assembling an arch with both specs, but nether of the lengths resulted in an arch that actually matched the frame. I wound up forcing things to fit and got the framing up, but it was much harder than it looked and you need at least three people to put it all together.

Build your own backyard storage system with the Arrow Arlington High Gable Steel Storage Shed. Attractive, high gable-styled roof and a 62" wall height makes the Arlington a perfect place to store lawn tools, garden equipment and other seasonal items. With precut pieces and pre-drilled parts, anyone can easily assemble this simple yet durable shed. A baked-on enamel finish protects your shed from UV rays, rot, insects, and extreme weather conditions and assures a quality storage solution year after year. The pad-lockable sliding doors allow for easy entrance and exit while the high gable steel roof allows for extra headroom. Backed by a 10-year warranty, you can be confident in the quality of your purchase. Measures 10'L x 12'W x 6.75'H.

I purchased this shed through Amazon in the Spring of 2012. The materials for building the base, which were 2 x 8's, large sheets of plywood, and hardware, cost about as much as the shed, which I had not budgeted for. The shed itself arrived promptly in one big box (which was actually must more small than I thought it would be). I put it together myself, took about a full day and a half. There were a few times I needed my fiance to hold a bolt with a wrench while I tightened it from the other side. I would recommend getting a magnet wrist strap, mine helped out tremendously with the hundreds of screws, bolts and nuts. Once I got it all together, it wasn't completely square on the platform I had built (yes, my platform was square). It wasn't a ... full review
From start to finish, dealing with Sheds Unlimited was a great experience. After visiting Gap, PA, looking at the sheds, and dealing with Ben our salesperson, we selected a 12' x 10' Classic shed. We needed to have the shed built on-site. Ben guided us through the details, James arranged delivery, and Leon and Nate delivered and assembled the shed in under 4 hours. Incredible! The shed looks great and is well made. We couldn't be happier with our purchase.
This product is the ideal outdoor storage for items such as a watering can, hoses, spades, and pots. Of course, more than that as well. The medium garden shed's left side has two shelves. The right size is much bigger and you can store some long tools. The waterproof roof is not only durable but also beautiful. If your garage is full, this can help you make your yard cleaner.

Needing lots of storage for your lawn equipment, household items, and tools. Double doors you can have room enough for a large riding lawn mower or easier access to your stored items. During construction, doors can be located left or right of center or centered in the gable end. The door side overhang adds both style and protection against the elements. Shingles and paint are purchased separately by a homeowner. This allows the homeowner to build the type of floor system appropriate for their...

Our wooden garden sheds are the perfect storage solution for gardeners who want to store lawn and gardening equipment in a small shed that will look great in any yard. With our wooden storage structures, you aren’t limited to a simple small wooden shed, either. You can order wood garages that come standard with a 9-by-7-foot garage door, 36-inch single door, and two windows as well as a reinforced 3/4-inch pressure-treated plywood floor with 12-inch on-center joists. We also offer a two-car garage in either 20-foot or 24-foot widths and a variety of different lengths. In addition, we sell two-story sheds that have a staircase going up to the second floor. Single-wide two-level barns come with four windows, and double-wide two-story barns have eight windows included. You’ll appreciate all of the options available with our customizable wooden garden sheds!

Very Happy the description says what's included and everything is great. There are 24 of 1 bracket type and 12 of the other. And for the cost you cant do much better. I agree with other review the instructions could be better. That being said I'm using mine a bit differently so the instructions are pointless for my case i had to make my own plans and materials list. I am using the 24 brackets for my top roofline (12 ridge beam Conectors) and purchasing other brackets from my local home improvement store to fasten my roof trusses to my own bottom framing that the 12 other connectors in the kit will be used in addition to several others being I am making a signifcantly bigger out building out of it for my car to be parked inside of. So far so good on that project and the ... full review

Sturdy, versatile, and attractive, wooden storage sheds and wood shed buildings are some of the most popular storage buildings sold on our website. In addition to adding to the aesthetic of your backyard and outdoor space, wooden sheds are also some of the most durable. Although higher in cost, these storage structures are typically the most aesthetically pleasing, and frequently offer a longer warranty. Customers can also expect wooden sheds and wood storage sheds to last. The lifespan of most wooden sheds and wood storage sheds is typically longer than most sheds, making them excellent long-term storage solutions.
Ok so I waited a few months to post so I could post a thorough review. We bought this shed because we downsized and have zero storage for our things inside this house. It arrived without issue and my 19 year old son and his friend assembled the whole thing in one afternoon. We live in Florida and within a month we were under hurricane warnings. We just poured cement into 4 holes and secured some tie down hooks in them ( see pics). Then we used rope to hold it down during 2 hurricanes . The thing never leaked or moved at all. This was worth every penny.
The Classic Sheds and Barns offer the same quality construction as economy Amish shed models with an added aesthetic touch to make your outdoor spaces even more attractive. With the Classic Outdoor Sheds and Barns, you get wider overhangs, fancier doors, and larger windows. Each aspect of our Classic Amish Storage Sheds adds to the beauty you can enjoy on your own property.
Easily add storage space and value to your property with an outdoor storage shed from Outsunny. A metal shed has distinct advantages over traditional wooden models that make it a much more attractive choice for purchase. It all comes down to affordability and durability. A metal shed is more affordable and being pre-fabricated significantly cuts down on expenses relating to materials and labor. The storage shed comes delivered to you as a kit that is easy for two individuals to put together. ...